1) Why do we need to pay?
The three-letter and telephony designator (3LD) system will expedite processing time, provide real time information, minimize processing errors and allow a State 3LD System focal point to reference designators as well as make and track requests online.
2) What happens if I already used my PIN? Can I reuse it any other way?
The PIN can also be used to track your online request for a Designator, after it has been submitted to the State.
Steps for “Online-Tracking”:
  1. On the Homepage under the heading of Industry, click “ONLINE-TRACKING”.
  2. A pop-up message will appear requesting you to enter the PIN purchased.
  3. Click on the “Track” button.
  4. A 3LD status tracking page will appear.
3) My PIN does not work.
Make sure that you purchased the pin for the specific product; all PINs are uniquely associated to a product. If you purchased a PIN for a New Request, you can only use it in the NEW REQUEST form. If you purchased a PIN for a MODIFY 3LD you cannot use it for a new request, etc..
If you are sure you purchased the PIN and are using it for the correct product, please contact us at: 3LD@icao.int and we will assist you with your request.
4) What software requirements are there to work with the 3LD system?
It is a website that is industry standard, therefore you can access it just by having internet access and with the following url: http://www.icao.int/3LD
5) I have a 3LD and need to modify it? How do I proceed?
Please go to: http://www.icao.int/3LD and follow the next steps:

Steps for submitting a Modify designator request:
  1. Under the heading of Industry, select 3LD forms and click on Modify Existing Designator form.
  2. Fill out the 3LD form information and apply the PIN. (Make sure the PIN that was purchased was for Modify)
  3. Click “Submit to Focal Point”.
  4. The information submitted along with the PIN is now sent to the State appointed Focal Point.
6) How do I purchase a PIN?
Please go to: http://www.icao.int/3LD and follow the next steps:

There are two ways of purchasing a PIN:
  1. Go to the Online Store and it will automatically take you to the three different products that we offer. Choose the one you need (New Request, Modify Request or Confirmation Letter)
  2. Under Industry go to BUY PIN and it will again take you to the online store.
7) How do I use a PIN?
When you fill the 3LD Form under Industry, there is a space to fill for PIN, please copy and paste the PIN provided by the online store.
8) If I cancel my 3LD do I get my money back?
Please note that once designators requests are completed and assigned there is no reimbursement option available.

You are only eligible for reimbursement if:

    The ICAO PIN assignment process has NOT been completed;
    Your state focal point declines your request for designators.

To make a request for reimbursement, please contact our Sales and Customer Relationship Unit at sales@icao.int and they will assist you with the process.
9) What is an AOC?
Air Operator's Certificate. As you can see in the forms, the AOC is always optional. If you have one, we encourage you to provide it to us so that we can have it in our database. If you do not have it or do not have it at hand, it will not stop you from submitting your request.
10) Who can I contact if I have any questions?
If your question is regarding the purchase of the PIN, please contact our Sales and Customer Relationship Unit at sales@icao.int.
If your question is regarding a three-letter, telephony or confirmation letter, please contact us at: 3LD@icao.int
11) Do I need to buy a PIN for a confirmation letter at the same time that I buy a PIN for a New 3LD?
No, when you purchase a PIN for a New 3LD, it includes a Confirmation Letter.