• Welcome to the ICAO UAS TOOLKIT

    The toolkit will serve as a guide to assist States with development of UAS operational guidance, regulations and enabling operations in a safe manner.

  • Understanding the situation.
    The rapid growth of the UAS industry .
    Operational limitations of the UA


The narrative presents UAS best practices, lessons learned and regulations for your consideration. We believe that developing UAS guidance and regulations that consider public and aviation safety first, along with security and privacy protection while promoting industry, is an achievable mission.

Fly Safe/Fly Legal

In order to ensure their safe operation, to encourage business and to provide societal benefits, all aircraft must share airspace in a safe, predictable and regulated manner.

Current State Regulations

Existing UAS regulations from around the world.


UAS Toolkit

UAS operators, remote pilots and recreational pilots will benefit from the information contained in the toolkit as UAS operations grow in airspace traditionally occupied by manned operations.


News related to unmanned aviation and related technology.


Commonly asked questions and answers associated with unmanned aviation.