Space Transportation

The future is not predictable, but it is clear: just beyond the horizon is a day when humankind will be travelling on a regular basis on commercially operated sub orbital flights. Although it is not possible yet to say how and when, it is becoming clearer every day what skills are needed and who is developing this work. So while we cannot train for the future yet, we can prepare for it.

This website is meant as a base-station for all those who are looking to catch up on the existing material and who want to be connected to those who, perhaps half-way across the globe, might hold the answer to the next step in this incredible journey.

Emerging space activities and civil aviation - challenges and opportunities

This symposium is a continuation of the 1st International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) Aerospace Symposium held in ICAO Headquarters, Montréal in March 2015. During that event, it was clear that there was a need to prepare, educate and bring-together the aviation and space communities.

While the 1st symposium provided a large forum for all interested parties to express their views about the subject in general, the 2nd symposium will further the dialogue by focusing on a number of specific subjects. Speakers will be selected from those who are actively engaged in the sector, and will be asked to focus on the national and bilateral efforts to address the near term issues.

As a second step, the 2nd symposium is not expected to provide detailed solutions, but rather to continue to inspire the industry and regulatory community on how they can work together to achieve the common goal of affordable access to sub-orbital flights by all States. It should showcase a blend of tried-and-true regulatory methods as well as newer approaches adopted to meet the specific needs of the commercial space sector.

Preparing for the Future

In this section you will be able to find documents and other resources provided by several regulators, industry groups, and others who are already engaged in the sector. You can browse through it by State or subject.

If you have documents that you would like to share with others, please click on the "Submit document for sharing" button. Websites and other resources are also welcome.

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Being connected for the Future

In this section, you will see a "who’s who" in the sector. These are the women and men who are working on the future, and represent experience and skills across all the disciplines that are required to make this endeavour a success. Also listed are those who are getting involved, or want to stay in touch, so that we are all collectively ready for the future as it happens. Feel free to add yourself to this network of Space Points of Contacts.

Space Points of Contact and Knowledge-Sharers (SPOCKS)