OPS Control Directory

About This Directory

The development of new aircraft tracking Standards by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) identified a need to establish a means to facilitate communication and exchange of information between air operators and air navigation service providers. While the OPS Control Directory has been established to assist with the implementation of the aircraft tracking Standard, it may also be useful for other circumstances.

Air Navigation
Service Providers

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Maintain your area control centre information, and obtain contact details for air operators around the World.

Air Operators

Update OCC Details and Connect with ANSPs

Maintain your operational contact centre information, and obtain contact details for the global air navigation service providers.

Access the Directory

In order to access the OPS Control Directory, ANSPs and air operators must have an account with the Data Network for Aviation (DNA), a new digital portal providing access to a range of tools and services. Click the button below and follow the process. Further details will be requested for ICAO to approve your subsequent access to the OPS Control Directory.

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Where to Track

This map indicates regions where position reports are received at less than 15 minute intervals. Where this is not the case, or where insufficient information has been obtained, it is recommended that air operators track their ADS-C equipped aircraft, in accordance with the aircraft tracking provisions of Annex 6.

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