Innovation is the way forward. This is true for all areas of human endeavour, including aviation. And just as in the past, aviation will be a key innovator and early adopter when it comes to the technologies of the future.

ICAO's main role in supporting aviation innovation is through a responsive and dynamic regulatory assessment approach that encourages new developments and accelerates their harmonization so that the sector can take advantage of the incredible new performance and capabilities these developments promise.

The harmonized integration of these new technologies is critical if we are to assure that air transport's incredible safety and efficiency record continues to improve through these new capabilities.

Under its No Country Left Behind initiative, ICAO also strives to ensure that the future of aviation is inclusive of all the peoples of the world. The preamble of the Convention on International Civil Aviation starts with the phrase "Whereas the future development of international civil aviation can greatly help to create and preserve friendship and understanding among the nations and of peoples of the world." In fact, key aspects of innovation that leap frog old technology are being driven and lead by those who in the past did not have the means to always be at the fore front of technology.

ICAO therefore has a role to play in innovation that includes serving as a global forum of States on this subject. To that end we are showcasing innovators and their ideas by giving them a space in our various events, and through pages such as these.

ICAO will also work with regulators, both technical and non-technical, to help ensure that polices are in place to support and encourage innovation that allows aviation to continue to "create and preserve friendship and understanding among the nations and of peoples of the world".