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As per the Rules for the "Registration of or Change in Designators", requests for the registration of a three-letter or telephony designator will only be recognized by ICAO when received from the State having jurisdiction over the aircraft operating airline (agency), aeronautical authority or service concerned.

  • Visit the online store and purchase a PIN for a New Request
  • Fill this form:
    • Select the State in which you are requesting a designator
    • Aircraft Operating Airline (Agency) Name: The name of the Aircraft Operating Airline (Agency)
    • Three Letter Designator: Three different options that reflect to the maximum extent practicable, the name of the aircraft operating airline (agency) or the aeronautical service for which it is requested.
    • Telephony Designator: Telephony designators for aircraft operating airlines (agencies) may be used as part of the aircraft radiotelephony call sign followed by the flight identification in radiotelephony communications, in accordance with the ICAO Radiotelephony Procedures (Annex 10, Volume II, refers). Example: "AEROFLOT 301".
      Please do not use Numbers, Letters, or the words FLY, TAXI, CROSS, ACROSS, ARC, (or any other term that may be misconstrued by air traffic controllers during communications) when selecting a telephony designator.
    • AOC Number: Aircraft Operator Certificate Number (optional).
    • PIN: Please insert the PIN that was given to you in the online store. (Example of a PIN: p988btjmoh6govwpe2cxn).
    • Fill out your contact information
  • Submit to your State Focal Point.