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Note: If alongside a change of Aircraft Operating Airline (Agency) name you require a change of 3LD and/or Telephony, follow this link: Modify Designator Form

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If your state name is not found on this pull down list, please contact your state aviation authority.

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As per the Rules for the "Registration of or Change in Designators", requests for the registration of a three-letter or telephony designator will only be recognized by ICAO when received from the State having jurisdiction over the aircraft operating airline (agency), aeronautical authority or service concerned.

  • If you wish to modify a three-letter designator and/or a telephony designator, visit the online store and purchase a PIN for a Modify Request. You may change the Agency Name for free.
  • Fill this form:
    • Select the State in which you are requesting a designator
    • Aircraft Operating Airline (Agency) Name: The name of the Aircraft Operating Airline (Agency)
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  • Submit to your State Focal Point.